New measures introduced by the chancellor today 22/10/ 2020.

But our proposals would go further and would sustain decent jobs in the long run.

  • First, a new grant scheme for businesses who have been impacted by tier 2 restrictions, even if they have not been forced to close. Local authorities shall be funded so that they can provide cash grants to local businesses. It would be up to local authorities to decide how best to distribute the grants. But, there shall be enough funding so that every businesses premises in hospitality, leisure and accommodation sectors, a direct grant worth up to £2100 for every month that tier 2 restrictions apply. Equivalent of 70 per cent of the grants for closed businesses that tier 3 receives. These grants shall be retrospective, any area that has been under these restrictions, can claim backdated payments up to August.
  • Second, the Job Support Scheme shall be more generous. For businesses which can open, the impact of restrictions on them, particularly in hospitality, has been more significant than hoped. First, under the original scheme, employees will have to work only 20 per cent of the hours as opposed to 33 per cent. Second, the employer contributions for the hours not worked will not be 33 per cent as originally planned, but shall reduce to 5 per cent. Scheme shall apply to all eligible businesses in all alert levels.

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