We know sexual harassment is a huge problem for staff working in the hospitality sector. It’s not alright, it’s unlawful and you shouldn’t put up with it.

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual violence and includes unwelcome behaviour which can range from leering looks and verbal abuse of a sexual nature, displaying pin ups and other sexually suggestive pictures, objects or written materials, unwelcome touching and, forced kissing and in extreme cases, assault and even rape.

Unite wants to hear your views and experiences. Two years ago hundreds of people shared their experiences with us – we now want to build on that work. By completing this survey, you’ll help us highlight the scale of sexual harassment in jobs like yours. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and your answers are completely anonymous (you will not be identifiable and no personal data is collected in the survey).

Could you spare us a few minutes to answer the following questions? Your response will be confidential and you do NOT have to provide your personal details.

Unite will use the results of this survey to understand individual experiences, focusing on some particular issues we might be able to tackle through worker empowerment and representation. Your responses will also allow the union to better support members who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Ultimately Unite will use the results from this survey to support and evidence future campaigns for legislative changes to be made in the workplace to ensure workers are properly protected at work – so please share widely with colleagues and friends. Unite’s #NotOnTheMenu campaign launching from this survey will bring these issues to the fore and we plan to take the first steps to end the scourge of sexual harassment in our industry. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, let us know! Click ‘Get Involved’ and one of our reps working in hospitality will be in contact with more information.

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